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Aug 26, 2016

EP59 Transform Your Money Mindset with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Do you think you could be sabotaging your earning potential simply by the mindset you have about money? Could your attitude, beliefs, and relationship with money affect your revenue potential? On today’s episode, I’m joined by wealth psychology expert and founder of KBK Wealth Connection, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury. Kathleen’s mission at KBK is to teach financial service professionals how to connect, communicate, and collaborate more effectively with their clients, to help them increase client retention and improve profitability.

She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker covering topics related to women and wealth as well as couples and money. She has presented at the Million Dollar Roundtable as well as Barons Top Women Advisor Summit and many other events and conferences. She is the author of several books in the women and couple’s money mindset niche.

Kathleen has kindly agreed to join me on the show today to share her insight and experience in the financial industry and how the female mindset can affect our earning potential. We discuss her personal experiences with mindset limitations and how she overcame that challenging obstacle and she shares tips and strategies for women about breaking into the corporate market and book publishing as well as common myths and misconceptions people have about money.

“When you get knocked down as an entrepreneur – you gotta get back up.” – Kathleen Burns Kingsbury


Here’s a Breakdown of Today’s Show:

  • Kathleen shares her story on how she built her business.
  • She explains how she transformed her own money mindset to explode the results in her business and how you can duplicate her strategy.
  • She explains how she became a subject matter expert in the money mindset field and why she decided to build her business around it.
  • We talk about honing in on a specific niche and why she chose this specific niche so early in her career.
  • She shares tips on how women can break into the corporate market
  • She provides insight into how to get your book published, and whether or not you should self-publish your work.
  • She explains what her biggest challenge was while building her business
  • She defines “Wealth Psychology” and debunks several myths around money.
  • She shares her top three success factors that have helped her throughout her career.
  • She gives us a sneak preview into what we can expect to see from KBK over the next few years.


3 Practical Tools To Develop Your Money Mindset:

  1. Identify it.
  2. Determine how each of those thoughts and beliefs are serving you and how they are getting in the way.
  3. Continue to do the work to improve your mindset.


Kathleen’s Words of Wisdom:

  • It’s okay to be profit-motivated like a man.
  • Finding a specific niche and sticking with it not only helps you become more referable – it also helps you keep your sanity.


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