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May 15, 2017

When you look at how you structure your days, are you setting yourself up for balance and rejuvenation from the moment you wake up until the time you go to bed? Are you really creating a system or schedule that allows you to achieve a peaceful, tranquil, beautiful life – or are you structuring your day for chaos, stress, anxiety – or worse – burnout?

My guest today is Tara Marino. Tara is the creator of the Femme Types, an internal technology helping women realize their full potential while receiving their beautiful life. She is the owner of Elegant Femme, a company dedicated to helping women around the world live a life of beauty, travel, and soul. She joins me today to share why she believes it’s so important for women to structure their day around the three core traits that ever woman possesses. She explains what those traits are – which she calls the Femme Types – and how identifying and honoring each of them every day have helped her move out of depression and into a beautiful life she enjoys living.


"If we are not honoring who we really are, that affects us.” – Tara Marino


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • Integrating your human experiences, aligning it with your soul’s calling, and how it can help you overcome obstacles and adversity
  • How journaling has helped Tara through the depression of losing her first child
  • The Femme Types – what they are and why you should honor them every day
  • The “Fo-Types” – what they are and how they counteract the balance of the Femme Types – if you let them
  • What is Femme Flow and what it looks like for Tara
  • Staying disciplined and structuring your day around your Femme Flow
  • Why Tara decided to move to Paris – and how she made her dream a reality
  • The power of saying “little yeses” in the direction of your desires


Tara’s Words of Wisdom:

  1. Slow down and think about the circumstances in your life and how it might assist you in recognizing who you really are. Ask yourself: What if this was to serve me in some way? How would I choose to have it serve me? Really go into that space inside and feel the possibility of expansion.
  2. Ask yourself: What is that dream inside me? You’re here for your unique expression of who you are in the world. Go all the way!
  3. Be truly present and aware of how far you have come. Look around your life and really let it soak in. Celebrate what you have accomplished so far.
Download My Beautiful Life Journal Questions HERE.


Connect with Tara Marino:

  • Elegant Femme
  • Femme Type Assessment Quiz
  • Live You Fully 9-Day Challenge


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