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Dec 28, 2016

2016 was truly the year for Beyoncé. After all, who else can drop a music album the day after the Super Bowl without using any type of promotion? Not only that, she also became the first woman in history to chart 12 songs on the Hot 100 billboards at the same time, plus she is the only entertainer to be on the Forbes 50 Most Powerful Women in Business list!

That, my fierce friends, is how you kill it in your career!

Beyoncé is truly a fierce feminine leader and one without peer in the music and entertainment industry. But, what can we learn from her lady-boss skills to help us improve our own leadership skills and become the fierce lady-bosses we want to be in 2017?

Today, I’m going to share with you the top 5 boss lessons that every woman in business should learn from the Queen B herself!


Your brand is an asset & worth protecting and managing.


5 Boss-Lady Lessons from Beyoncé to Kill It in 2017:

  1. Get in the trenches – Don’t be just your company’s voice and figure for your brand. Be the CEO – the hands-on
  2. Embrace the Element of Surprise – Don’t wait for permission from others. Don’t lose your sense of “show-womanship.” Leverage the element of surprise to create enormous momentum.
  3. Build Influence – Understand the rules of the game. Find out who the power players in your industry are and get to know them. Build relationships – then you can change the game.
  4. Have a voice – Take a stance in things you strongly believe in. Use your influence to do the right thing.
  5. Manage perceptions – Think about your brand and the message you are conveying to others about your brand.


My Challenge to You:

Ask yourself:

  • Where do you need to be more engaged in your business or career to ensure you get the results you want?
  • Where can you leverage the element of surprise?
  • Who can you form a relationship with to begin building your influence?
  • Are there places where you are projecting or approaching something that are out of sync with your personal or business brand?


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