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Aug 1, 2016

Have you ever felt that nagging ball of nerves in the pit of your stomach when you want to ask your boss for a raise, but you’re too nervous to actually confront him and ask for it? Or perhaps you’ve thought about talking to a loyal client about increasing your rates, but have put it off for months because you’re simply not sure about how things will turn out or are simply too nervous to “go for the ask.”

You are not alone. In fact, thousands of high-achieving women would rather make less money or go without things they truly want instead of facing the tense moment of asking their boss, their client or voicing their strong opinion on a situation or topic they feel passionate about.

Today, ladies, I want to share with you a few stories on how not taming the tension can help you grow as a person and a professional and why you should get comfortable with it in your business and your life.

Make tension your best friend.


Tension is like the grit of sand in an oyster shell. When you let it sit, beautiful things can happen. – Eleanor Beaton


Here’s a Breakdown of Today’s Episode:

  • Why is tension a useful tool for personal and professional growth
  • Why women often avoid using tension as a powerful tool to help them achieve the things they deserve.
  • How to use tension to your advantage, in business and life.


Key Areas That Women Often Avoid Tension:

  • Asking for a raise in salary
  • Raising their rates with clients
  • Expressing their disapproval or opinion about a situation, topic, or idea because they don’t want to “rock the boat.”
  • Making a change


My Challenge to You:

  • Don’t be afraid of tension. Embrace it.
  • Become comfortable with tension. Make it your best friend.


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