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Jun 20, 2016

Entrepreneurs – and aspiring entrepreneurs – frequently, and quickly, come to the realization as their businesses begin to grow that balancing their work life and personal life is a difficult challenge. I can relate – I have two boys, I travel every month, I run my own business, plus my husband is an entrepreneur.

Life can be pretty chaotic at times, and it can sometimes feel out of balance.

Today, I want to share with you my secret – my rule of thumb – on building my successful business while juggling travel, marriage, and raising my kids.


“Success in business is not about reinventing the wheel. It’s about doing a few core things and doing them very well, over and over.” – Eleanor Beaton


My Rule of Thumb for Keeping Life & Business ‘in Check’:

  • I remind myself: “I can handle the chaos and lack of balance as long as my family life is working well and my health is in good working order.”
  • Make sure that the effort you put into your business or career is worth it and makes sense


“Don’t change the act, change the audience.” – Lisa Sasevich


If you are looking to build a powerful career or business, you need to:

  • Get very clear on your message.
  • Get very clear on what the core things are that you need to focus on in your business.
  • And ask yourself: “Do I have the discipline and determination to continue focusing and perfecting those specific things – or am I going to catch the “bright, shiny penny” syndrome?


Remember, ladies, when you are pursuing something with dogged determination, the natural by-product of that persistence is that other aspects of your life are going to get out of balance.

Come to terms with this reality, and remind yourself that even when things are out of balance, you can handle the chaos as long as you maintain good health and are spending quality time with your family.


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