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Jun 15, 2016

Changing careers and reinventing yourself is a difficult challenge. In my experience, many women who are trying to reinvent themselves and their careers often try to leave their past careers, experiences, and skills behind them. However, if you are trying to recreate yourself, your career, and your business, leaving your past behind you along with all of the experiences, skills, and insight that you have developed throughout your previous business is a huge mistake!

“Leaving your past behind you – especially when you are reinventing yourself – creates incongruence and in-continuity in your new career path.” – Eleanor Beaton

Ladies, if we want our new clients and customers to trust us, and to believe that we are a thought-leader in our industry, we must tell our stories!


Here’s a Breakdown of Today’s Show:

  • Telling a cohesive, congruent story is critical for building brand equity, culture, and credibility for your business
  • Sonia Samen from Ebby Rane reinvented herself from a corporate attorney to a high-end fashion luggage entrepreneur.
  • Legendary CEO, Christine McGee, CEO and Founder of Sleep Country – the country’s biggest mattress retailer, started her career as a banker


6 Reasons to Tell a Cohesive, Congruent Story about You and Your Business:

  1. It is a key part of your brand equity
  2. It acts as a major differentiator
  3. It makes you more memorable
  4. It creates a sense of who you are
  5. It helps you build a culture for your business
  6. It is critical for building credibility

“Explaining your previous experience & how it helps you serve your current clients builds trust, positions you as an expert, and helps you attract your ideal clients” – Eleanor Beaton


Ask Yourself:

  • What are the threads that connect career #1 to career #2?
  • Think about the skill sets you used.
  • Think about the experiences you had.
  • Think about the insights they gave you and how they helped you be even better in your business and help you serve your clients or customers even better.

“When you are reinventing yourself – there is no such thing as a clean slate.” – Eleanor Beaton


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