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Jun 13, 2016

In line with the “Women and Risks” theme from last week’s episodes, today I am joined by the wonderful business and career coach, Sarah Vermunt. Sarah’s journey started while working toward obtaining her Ph.D. in human resources management and organizational behavior. After devoting four years of her life, and investing a lot of money into developing her career, Sarah began to realize that this career choice was not what she dreamed about after all. After spending two years dedicating her time to her previous career dreams, she went on a mission to find the work she loves – being a coach and teacher for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and new graduates.

Sarah is the founder of CareerGasm and works primarily with aspiring entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and college graduates to help them figure out what they want from their careers and businesses. She is the author of an up-and-coming book and has written several articles for leading business publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., the Huffington Post, and U.S. News & World Report. Today, Sarah shares her insights and tips for our wonderful listeners to help them gain some clarity into what they really want from their careers or businesses, and what they need to do to achieve that dream.


Here’s a Breakdown of Today’s Show:

  • Sarah explains how she came up with the unique name for her business: CareerGasm.
  • We talk about the turning point in her career that caused her to change career paths and begin building her thriving coaching business.
  • Sarah explains why she “stuck it out” for two years in a field she hated – instead of shifting gears and starting her coaching business sooner.
  • She shares some of the most common fears and apprehension that many of her clients often experience when they are considering a career change.
  • She explains some of her key developments as an entrepreneur – both past and current achievements and developments.
  • We talk about her new book: CareerGasm: Find Your Way to Feel Good Work, which is due to hit the bookstores in March 2017.
  • How Sarah arrived at the point of clarity; knowing who she wanted to serve, the problem she wanted to solve, and how she wanted to help her clients achieve their dreams.
  • Sarah shares her thoughts on branding as a differentiator and how she markets her business.


“People don’t quit their jobs on a whim. They quit when they just ‘effing can’t do it anymore.” – Sarah Vermunt


5 Common Fears That Keep People From Leaving a Job They Hate to Follow Their Dream Careers:

  1. Afraid that their skills are not transferable or applicable in other career
  2. Afraid that they will not be valued.
  3. Afraid of being rejected.
  4. Afraid of what other people will think
  5. Afraid that they will not make enough money – maybe lose their house, their car, etc.


“Ask yourself: Is this fear really true? Look at your fears alongside some facts when deciding to make a career change.” – Sarah Vermunt


Sarah’s Advice for Professionals That Want To Start Their Own Business:

Build your business slowly, while you are still working at your full-time job. Use this time as your “trial and error” period while also creating a financial safety net. Hash out your business ideas to learn what will work and what won’t work for you, your clients, and your business.

“Whether it comes to career or business, it’s not just about logic. Intuition plays a large part in career and business planning. Very often, we use logic to discredit the things we know intuitively. Lean into your intuition – it can help you make some really good decisions.” – Sarah Vermunt


Learn more about Sarah and her coaching business:


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