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May 3, 2017

You know, the power of the internet has made it very easy to start and run an amazing business, but when it comes to getting your brand visible by the right people – that can often be a bit trickier – especially for introverts. Many fierce feminine leaders know they need to put themselves out there – whether it’s producing videos, taking photos of themselves, or otherwise stepping up to the plate and claiming their awesome-ness, but they may lack the confidence in themselves, how they look, or how they present themselves to the world. And that, my fierce tribe, is what is preventing many amazing women in business from making the impact they were destined to make on the world.

Today, my guest is Colette Werden. Colette is an expert at helping passionate, purpose-driven women entrepreneurs and professionals “get visible.” She is the founder and CEO of Colette Werden Australia, an authentic personal branding expert, and a keynote speaker. Her company specializes in helping driven entrepreneurs and professionals present themselves authentically and with confidence so they can make the unique difference in their businesses, their organizations, and the world.

In today’s episode, Colette shares her insight and knowledge on the inner work that many driven female entrepreneurs and professionals in business need to do to put themselves “out there” – even as an introvert. She shares how our wardrobe often effects not only the way we think and feel about ourselves on a personal level, but also how we present ourselves to the world and build our businesses on a professional level.


“What we wear on the outside is a direct reflection of who we are on the inside.” – Colette Werden


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • Using your wardrobe to connect with your clientele – and promote high self-esteem.
  • Evolving your wardrobe style as you continue to evolve personally and professionally.
  • Colette’s “Ratio System,” what it is, and how she uses it to help her clients.
  • Her biggest turning points while building her business.
  • The biggest challenges she has faced while building her business.
  • How she overcame her natural introverted thoughts and behaviors to put herself “out there.”


Colette’s Top 3 Success Factors:

  1. Commitment to purpose.
  2. Celebrating milestones and being naturally high-achieving.
  3. Going “all-in” on who she is.


Connect with Colette Werden:


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