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If you are ready to claim your power and change the world, then join women empowerment expert Eleanor Beaton for Fierce Feminine Leadership. Each week, Eleanor shares inspiring interviews with powerful women in business, along with practical tools and tricks you can use today to step into your power, smash your glass ceiling and take your seat at the tables where the big deals and decisions are made.
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Mar 10, 2017

On today’s episode of Fierce Feminine Leadership...

It took less than 2 years for CEO and Founder of BikiniLuxe, Candice Galek to  parlay her experience as a swimsuit model into a thriving multimillion dollar online swimwear business. What started as a tiny startup on her living room table in Miami Beach, FL  is now  a global powerhouse business with a team of 40 members worldwide and quarter million social media followers.

From the onset of BikiniLuxe, Candice realized she needed to leverage her wealth of knowledge about the swimsuit industry as well as the connections she had made during her modeling career to get BikiniLuxe off the ground. That coupled with her strong skillset in sales and customer relations laid the foundation for her success.

More about BikiniLuxe

  • They sell over 4000 swimwear products for women and men through the site.
  • Most of the brands represented on the site have demonstrated a corporate social responsibility in which they give back to the community.
  • Entering into their third year they’ll hit $5 million in sales.

Candice’s Advice to Entrepreneurs...

  • Be open to new ideas and push the boundaries
  • Leverage your connections to gain legitimate information and to gain new connections
  • When making connections make the highest connection you can possibly reach.
  • Don’t spend too much time on one thing.- pitch 20 people rather than spending a lot of time on one person
  • Look to large scale businesses to see what they are doing wrong and try and do it better
  • Be persistent
  • “Don’t spend your time or money on being boring.”


Candice on embracing controversy and being galvanizing in expressing your views.

  • Attention spans are short- people are one click away from scrolling by you and your content. Controversy can help keep people focused on you and your message. 
  • Controversy can be leveraged into massive social media reach.


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