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Feb 3, 2017

5 “Alternative Facts” For Women In Business

I am just wrapping up a 3-day retreat with the beautiful and fierce members of our Bold Women in Business Mastermind. 3 days of intensive strategic planning, masterminding, sisterhood and just a touch of Malbec. FUN. Fun enough to make me reimagine a new term I learned this week, care of Kellyanne Conway: “alternative facts.” The term is both terrifying and hilarious. And I have decided to grab the term back.

5 alternative facts I’d like to share with you.

  1. An alternative fact to Imposter Syndrome: No dear, you actually ARE qualified to do this thing that you’ve worked so hard for. Your hard work, your dedication and the depth of your desire to do it well are what qualify you. It is only your quest for perfection that disqualifies you. So get over it. #Sorrynotsorry.
  2. An alternative fact to being confused: Sorry Fierce One, I won’t take that one lying down. You are in fact VERY clear on your vision and mission and you know exactly the right next step to take. But you have trained yourself to stop trusting YOU. So for a moment, trust in me and hear that after coaching many, many wonderful women I can tell you this: the wisdom and clarity you seek are inside you. But that wise creature? She’s a Queen, OK? And she never raises her voice. So listen hard.
  3. An alternative fact to waiting to have things perfect before you make a move: Good luck with that. When you’re over it ping me. We have a WHOLE HOST of fierce, action taking women who can’t wait to meet you.
  4. An alternative fact to thinking that if you don’t do it yourself then you’re incompetent/unqualified/weak: The very best work comes from teams of people working together. Please refer to the movie Hidden Figures for further evidence.
  5. An alternative fact to the desolate feeling dogging so many that this is a troubling time for women: Pink hats. January 21, 2017.