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Apr 25, 2016

The Monster That Is Working Mom Guilt

Welcome back to the Fierce Feminine Podcast! On today’s episode, I will discuss the “dirty little secret” of working mothers: Working Mom Guilt. Working Mom Guilt has a nasty habit of reaching virtually every working mother. I have worked with dozens of working mothers; every single one of them have expressed, at one point or another, that they have experienced Working Mom Guilt at some point in their career. So, today I will share some tips with you on ways you can cope with the monster of Working Mom Guilt.

  1. Know and Understand that You’re in Good Company
  • Remember that you are not alone! There are a lot of successful working moms feeling Working Mom Guilt.
  1. Go for Good Enough
  • Release your intention and need to be a perfect parent.
  • Lower your “mom standards” from being perfect to being “good enough.”
  1. Expect Working Mom Guilt to Go for the Jugular
  • Anticipate and prepare for Working Mom Guilt.
  • Realize you can’t be in two places at once – and that’s okay!
  • Notice the feelings of Working Mom Guilt and tell yourself this: “Oh! I’m experiencing Working Mom Guilt. My ego must be believing a story about what it means to be a perfect mother. How interesting?”
  • Observe your thoughts and feelings about Working Mom Guilt – but don’t invest in them.
  1. Quality, Not Quantity
  • Remember: distraction is the enemy of joy!
  • Take time at the end of your workday to decompress.
  1. Give Yourself Permission to “Let It Go”
  • Give yourself permission to “let go” of Working Mom Guilt.
  • Remember: guilt is not a constructive or useful emotion!

The world needs more examples of how women can be a successful working mother – juggling work life and family life – and doing it their way!

Be the example of a bold woman leader.

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