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May 16, 2016

Whether you are running a business or running a marathon, high-performance is a critical skill to have in order to “finish the race.” As many of my wonderful listeners already know, I am a huge fan of high-performing women, athletes, entrepreneurs, and business executives. However, throughout my coaching experience, I often see many women that have the potential to be high performers, but somehow fail to unlock that potential – leaving it on the table. Today, I share with you four critical psychological skills that all high-performers must have and master in order to achieve success in life, business, and sports.

Unless you’re living a high-performance lifestyle in business and life, you are leaving potential on the table.

My Challenge for You:

  • Think about what would be possible if you could unlock 15% more potential without creating more time in a day or upgrading your skills.
  • Think about what would be possible for humanity if everyone could unlock 15% more of their
  • Think about how the whirlwind of your life is affecting your ability to achieve your wildly important goals.


The 4 Critical Psychological Skills of High-Performers:

  1. Focus
  • Focus to work through the whirlwind.
  1. Visualization
  • Visualize the “end game” and what steps you need to take to achieve it.
  1. Setting Effective Goals
  • Drastically narrow your focus down. Set smaller goals to achieve the W.I.G.
  1. Dealing with Distractions
  • Learn how to say a powerful “no” to stay on track with your vision and goals.

When you unlock your capacity by 10, 15, 20 percent – think about what is going to be possible for your family, the people you love, and humanity as a whole.

Book Recommendation:

I highly recommend checking out Annette Verschuren’s new book, “Bet On Me,” an inspiring book on Annette’s philosophy on what it takes to be a highly successful leader.

To purchase “Bet On Me”

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Until next time…

Stay fierce!

May 13, 2016

Welcome back, Fierce Feminine Leaders! In this episode, I have a special guest on the air with me – Julie Weeks, President and CEO of Womenable, a for-profit social enterprise that works to enable women’s entrepreneurship worldwide.

Julie’s business focuses on helping women-owned businesses through improved systems, policies, laws, programs, and research-based knowledge to help women in the creation and growth of their companies. Julie is the leading expert in the field of women enterprise development, with over 30 years of experience in the public and private sector.

Since 2007, Womenable has partnered with American Express OPEN to develop and deliver research-based statistics on the role that women-owned businesses have had on the post-recession market throughout the United States and globally. She joins us today to share a few of the statistics that the 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report has revealed this year in comparison to previous years, as well as shares some insight on how she grew her business and tips for women who are considering starting a business in the near future.

Thank you, Julie, for being on the show today and sharing this valuable information with the Fierce Feminine Leadership listeners.

Notable Statistics:

  • There are 11.3-Million women-owned businesses in the United States employing nearly 9-Million people and generating over $1.6-Trillion in revenue.
  • Women-owned businesses make up 38% of the business population and employ 8% of the country’s private sector workforce.
  • Since 2007, nearly 1,100 net women-owned businesses are launched each and every day.
  • 44% of women-owned businesses are owned by women of color in the United States.
  • Between 2007 and 2016, 79% of the net new women-owned businesses are owned by women of color.
  • The share of employment that are accounted for women-owned businesses, as well as revenue, remains flat lined since 2002. Employment shares have only grown by one percent – from 7% to 8%. Revenue shares have remained unchanged, at 4%.
  • The fastest growth regarding industry sector is among the smallest kinds in business; the service sector has doubled since 2007.
  • 8 in 10 United States businesses are single-person, private owned businesses, with 9 out of 10 being women-owned.

Tips Julie Shares:

  • Be relentless (in a good way); persevere to reach your business goals.
  • “Stick with it; success doesn’t happen overnight.”
  • Remember – teamwork is important. Balance your strengths and weaknesses. Hire other people to handle your weak points to grow a strong business.
  • Most importantly – have fun!

To get your hands on the 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses in the United States Report, visit

An Open Invitation to All You Fierce Feminine Leaders

Are you a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, or service provider wanting to sell your expertise and build your brand? I want to invite you to register for my brand new, free training webinar coming up on May 18!

You will learn:

  • The three stories you must tell to become a globally recognized expert, attract influential clients and double your sales in as little as 12-months.
  • Exact sales and marketing structures you need to build a multiple 6-figure business
  • Why so many coaches, consultants, and service providers struggle to replace their corporate salaries.


I am going to give you a behind the scenes look at how I earned a fabulous income as a global thought leader from my base in Canada!

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Until next time…

Stay fierce!


May 11, 2016

Welcome back, my Fierce Feminine Leader! Today’s episode, I talk about the number one desire that women who want to lead crave, and how “the approval trap” prevents these amazing women from stepping into their power and achieving this desire.

I have worked with countless high potential business women throughout my career. The number one thing that these women want from leading their company is – you guess it – freedom. However, freedom often comes with a price, and the price that we discuss in this episode is releasing your natural need for being a “people pleaser.”

Women have been conditioned to be people pleasers; to make people happy, comfortable, and to feel good. However, to step into your power, you must be able to break free of the fear of criticism.

If you are not gaining the traction in your career to the degree that you want, transition your mindset from student to teacher.

My challenge for you:

Examine the times and situations in your life and career where you are playing smaller out of the need to have the approval of other people.

An Open Invitation to All You Fierce Feminine Leaders

Are you a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, or service provider wanting to sell your expertise and build your brand? I want to invite you to register for my brand new, free training webinar coming up on May 18!

You will learn:

  • The three stories you must tell to become a globally recognized expert, attract influential clients and double your sales in as little as 12-months.
  • Exact sales and marketing structures you need to build a multiple 6-figure business
  • Why so many coaches, consultants, and service providers struggle to replace their corporate salaries.


I am going to give you a behind the scenes look at how I earned a fabulous income as a global thought leader from my base in Canada!

One lucky live participant will win a free gift!

To register for my free training webinar “Stories That Sell,” head over to

Until next time…

Stay fierce!

May 9, 2016

Welcome back to the Fierce Feminine Leadership podcast! In today’s episode, I share with you three tips on finding your voice as a Fierce Feminine Leader.

Did you know that the vast majority of “new and noteworthy” podcasts on Stitcher and iTunes are hosted by men? In fact, statistics from Stitcher regarding top podcasts, only about 10% are hosted by women, while 80% are hosted by men. Women listen to a lot of podcasts, webinars, and attend dozens of conferences, but statistics show that the majority of business professionals and leaders are actually using their voice as a vehicle to increase their sales, earn more money, and market their businesses. Women often struggle with finding and utilizing their voice as a means to improve their businesses for three reasons:

  1. We feel we don’t have anything to say.
  2. If we do have something to say, we often ask ourselves “why would anyone be willing to listen to what I have to say?”
  3. We are afraid of our own power.

Ladies, it’s time to step into your power, find you voice, and be more competitive with the male leaders in your industry.

Here are three strategies you can implement today to help you find your voice, step into your power, and be the Fierce Feminine Leader that I know you can be.

  1. Start Commenting on Blogs & Articles
  • “Weigh-in” on articles and blogs you find interesting. Don’t just share those articles on Facebook and Twitter. Do both!
  • Are you “internet shy,” or maybe commenting online just isn’t your thing? There’s an alternative! Send those articles that you find interesting to someone you admire. Tell them why you think it’s valuable and why you are sharing it with them. This serves two purposes – builds your network and helps you find and practice using your voice.
  1. Practice Your Voice at Conferences
  • Every conference has a Q&A period. Use this time to practice using your voice and making it heard. Ask questions.
  1. Pay Closer Attention to the Material that Fascinates You


  • Identify your “controlling idea.” Your controlling idea is your central area of focus. Identifying your controlling idea helps you become known for something, builds your expertise in a topic, and helps other people understand what you’re all about.

So, ladies, I challenge you this week to begin practicing these strategies to help you find your voice and become the Fierce Feminine Leader I know you can be!

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If you are a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, or service provider, this training webinar is for you!

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Thank you for listening to the Fierce Feminine Podcast!

Until next time…
Stay Fierce!


May 6, 2016

Your reputation. Your personal brand. Many Fierce Feminine Leaders know they need a personal brand, but they simply don’t know where the starting line is when it comes time to create one. In the business world, you are aware that your reputation often precedes you. Your personal brand can help you leave a lasting, positive impression on a potential client, customer, or business associate – and this is critical for your success.



So, how do you create a strong personal brand?

In this episode, I am going to share with you 5 critical elements of a strong personal brand.

The 5 Critical Elements of a Strong Personal Brand

  1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Your customers, clients, and business associates are researching you before they make the decision to hire or buy from you. Having a professional, high-quality headshot picture taken by an experienced, professional photographer will help your customers and clients make that decision. They do not want to see a picture of you with your dog playing in your back yard – they want to see a professional quality headshot, an image that will resonate and cause them to remember you the next time they need a service or product that you offer!

Challenge 1: Shell out some cash for a few high-quality, professional headshots.

  1. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful, professional search engine and social networking tool used by thousands of businesses and organizations worldwide. Part of maintaining your public image and reputation relies on maintaining and updating your LinkedIn Profile.

Update your profile picture – remove the pictures of you and your dog (save those for your private Facebook profile!) and upload one of the professional headshot images that you’ve ordered when you completed Challenge 1. While you are updating your LinkedIn profile, also improve your summary and ask for recommendations from people you have worked with.

In the era of online marketing and networking, maintaining a positive online image and reputation is crucial to your chances of success. Part of maintaining your online reputation is building a solid network of people who will happily recommend you to other businesses and clients. Your LinkedIn profile and recommendations from people you have worked with is the perfect first step toward building a positive online reputation.

Challenge 2: Spend time updating your LinkedIn profile – your picture, your summary, and ask for recommendations!

  1. Tell Your Origin Story

Stories help people learn more about you and understand why you chose the professional lifestyle that you did. We are hardwired for stories. One of the critical elements of establishing and building your personal brand is your story behind how and why you got started in the work that you do.

Challenge 3: Share your compelling origin story with others – through your website, your LinkedIn profile, or other professional networks.

  1. Your Elevator Pitch

Many Fierce Feminine Leaders have powerful elevator pitches that help them tell their story and share their services with potential clients and customers. Elevator pitches are a 30-second pitch that explains who you are, what you do, and how you can help. It helps keep you memorable and magnetic to your clients and customers!

Challenge 4: Create a powerful, memorable elevator pitch! Get creative!

  1. Have a Signature Piece

Presenting yourself in a consistent fashion can help your brand consistency. It can help you position yourself and your brand in a memorable way with your clients, customers, and business associates. Brand consistency is incredibly important for every professional, and developing a signature piece can help!

What do I mean by a “signature piece?”

Think of Steve Jobs with his black turtlenecks or, my personal favorite, Anna Winter with her oversized sunglasses. These signature pieces incorporated into their wardrobe have helped them establish and promote their brands, products, and services time and again.

Challenge 5: Develop your personal signature piece.

Thank you for tuning into the Fierce Feminine Leadership podcast!

Until next time…

Stay Fierce!


May 4, 2016

Do you ever catch yourself comparing yourself to other successful people, and feeling frustrated and discouraged that your achievements are coming up short compared to someone else’s? Many – if not most high achieving professional women experience this phenomenon. It’s called “Compare and Despair” and it has reached monumental proportions since the development of the Facebook highlight reel.

Research shows that most high achievers have a competitive streak, whether in sports, business, or in life in general. While having a competitive edge can be a healthy, positive personality trait to have – it is not when it grows to the epic proportions of “Compare and Despair”. This phenomenon can cause you to significantly inhibit your ability to perform at the high levels that everyone around you knows you’re capable of.

In this episode, I talk about the “Compare and Despair” cycle and give you three simple ways to break this career inhibiting habit, move past these negative thoughts, and move forward with your career goals.

3 Ways You Can Stop Comparing Yourself to Others:

  1. Acknowledge the Feeling

Ladies, we are spending too much time comparing our accomplishments to others, gauging our success based on the success and achievements of others. One of the most common reasons why we spend so much time and energy in the “Compare and Despair” cycle is because we fail to recognize the feelings we have while doing it!

Challenge 1: I challenge you: Next time you catch yourself comparing your success to other people’s success, stop and notice the habit, the feeling. Once you recognize the habit, just stop, in that moment, and say: “Wow, I’m making myself feel ill because I’m comparing myself to so and so. INTERESTING!”

Then, move on with your day.

  1. Keep Your Eye on the Prize

It is truly amazing how many people are working without a clear goal, a prize they are striving to earn. If you don’t set a goal and create a plan of action to achieve that goal, then it becomes much easier to waste your time watching and comparing yourself to others.

Challenge 2: Your next challenge is to know your prize, own your ambition to get the prize, and stay focused on that prize. Set goals and plans to achieve your goals!

  1. Have a “Safe” Word

Compare and Despair is a dangerous cycle for high performing, professional women. To help you break the habit, develop a “safe word” that will allow you to break your focus from comparing yourself to others and allow you to being focusing on other important tasks, like your “prize.”

When I notice that I’m slipping into the Compare and Despair cycle, my safe word is focus. I literally stop, take a deep breath, then say “Eleanor….FOCUS!”

Ladies, don’t spend your life trying to live it like someone else. Crush your own! Be the Fierce Feminine Leader you know you can be!

Until next time…

Stay Fierce!


May 2, 2016

According to research, over half of today’s workforce is made up of women professionals, but far less have achieved their goals of landing a top position within their company. Statistics show that by mid-career, these powerful women with leadership potential lose their desire to reach the top midway in their careers.

In this episode, I am going to share with you the top three career derailers that are the most common reasons for great, aspiring women to lose their desire and confidence in landing that top spot.

  1. Broaden Your Career Focus

Women tend to specialize in specific roles within their company. Specializing in a particular field can all too often limit your chances for successfully landing a top position or becoming the company’s next CEO. Ladies, if you want to become an influential woman leader, you need to learn and appreciate how your organization works as a whole, and to do that, you need to start making lateral moves into unknown territory.

Until you learn how your company works as an entity, you won’t be able to lead it.

  1. Become a ‘People Person’ – Learn How to Work with People You Don’t Like

Being a “people person” does not mean that everyone has to like you – or that you have to like everyone. It means that you have successfully mastered the art of communicating and working with people whose personalities may conflict with your own. Mastering this skill is an incredibly important attribute to have when you are trying to land a top seat in your company or organization.

After all, you don’t think Sheryl Sandberg likes everyone she ever worked with at Facebook and Google, do you? Of course not, but by learning how to build solid working relationships with people, it enabled her to become a top women leader.

  1. Take Smart Risks

Being a CEO often involves taking smart risks. If you want to be a CEO of your company, you need to learn how to get out of your comfort zone and make the decision to take a smart risk. Ask for tough assignments, even if they are only short-term projects. Raise your hand at the next meeting and allow your voice and opinions to be heard. Volunteer new ideas to your boss and ask for new and different roles in the company. Some new positions may require you to accept a demotion, but that’s okay! It will only help your career in the long-run.

There are too many women in the workforce playing it safe at work. If you want to be CEO, you cannot be one of them. Get the courage to speak up, take risks, and lead your career YOUR way.

Only you have control over the direction of your career. It’s time to get the courage you need to take action and be the Fierce Feminine Leader we all know you can be!

If you’d like to learn more about the top 7 career competencies for women CEOs, feel free to click the link below and enter your email address, so we know where to send the checklist on the critical skill sets women need to obtain the top spot in their company.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you never miss a single episode of the Fierce Feminine Leadership show!

Until next time…

Stay Fierce!



Apr 29, 2016

Are You A Tall Poppy

Tall Poppy Syndrome, what is it? It is a social phenomenon throughout the industry, often affecting women – but sometimes men, too – in which great people of merit are criticized or resented because of their achievements. Tall Poppies often “play small” because they are worried that they will be criticized for showing up in the world as brilliantly as they really are. The term, “Tall Poppy Syndrome” was coined by New Zealand Researchers, and many women in business unconsciously allow it to affect their business growth. In this episode, I explain three ways that Tall Poppy Syndrome is preventing you from stepping into your power as a female leader.

3 Ways Tall Poppy Syndrome is Preventing You from Being a Powerful Female Leader

  1. Tall Poppy Syndrome makes you self-conscious
  • Research shows that self-consciousness inhibits high performance.
  1. Tall Poppy Syndrome can hold you back from accepting high-profile assignments
  • Own your brilliance!
  1. Tall Poppy Syndrome can prevent you from building a powerful personal brand
  • Tall Poppies often hold back from highlighting their achievements.


If you are a Tall Poppy, know that you are not alone!

For tips to overcome Tall Poppy Syndrome, download the Checklist Tip Sheet below.



Apr 27, 2016

Getting The Seat On The Board

Women make up about 50 percent of the workforce today, but did you know that only a small percentage of these working moms hold a seat on the Board of an organization? It’s true, and what many women in business may not realize is the significant impact that holding a seat on the board of a non-profit or corporate organization can have – on their own businesses as well as the organizations they support. Today on the Fierce Feminine Podcast, I share three power ninja moves that you can do to help you get a board seat!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. How to Prove Your Medal
  • Quantify Everything
  • List your top 10 career highlights.
  1. Boost Your Financial Knowledge
  • Take time to learn how to read financial statements.
  1. Build Your Network
  • Invest time into building a solid network and make it known that you are interested in a board position.
  • Download the worksheet below. This powerful tool will help you create your career highlights list, as well as help you translate that information into business results.

Women are often more willing to give credit where credit is due, but they struggle to claim credit for their successes. If you want to land a board position, you need to highlight your accomplishments; be proud of what you have achieved, and share them with the members of the board that you want to help!

It’s okay to tell yourself – and others – “I did this, and I’m proud of it!”


Apr 25, 2016

The Monster That Is Working Mom Guilt

Welcome back to the Fierce Feminine Podcast! On today’s episode, I will discuss the “dirty little secret” of working mothers: Working Mom Guilt. Working Mom Guilt has a nasty habit of reaching virtually every working mother. I have worked with dozens of working mothers; every single one of them have expressed, at one point or another, that they have experienced Working Mom Guilt at some point in their career. So, today I will share some tips with you on ways you can cope with the monster of Working Mom Guilt.

  1. Know and Understand that You’re in Good Company
  • Remember that you are not alone! There are a lot of successful working moms feeling Working Mom Guilt.
  1. Go for Good Enough
  • Release your intention and need to be a perfect parent.
  • Lower your “mom standards” from being perfect to being “good enough.”
  1. Expect Working Mom Guilt to Go for the Jugular
  • Anticipate and prepare for Working Mom Guilt.
  • Realize you can’t be in two places at once – and that’s okay!
  • Notice the feelings of Working Mom Guilt and tell yourself this: “Oh! I’m experiencing Working Mom Guilt. My ego must be believing a story about what it means to be a perfect mother. How interesting?”
  • Observe your thoughts and feelings about Working Mom Guilt – but don’t invest in them.
  1. Quality, Not Quantity
  • Remember: distraction is the enemy of joy!
  • Take time at the end of your workday to decompress.
  1. Give Yourself Permission to “Let It Go”
  • Give yourself permission to “let go” of Working Mom Guilt.
  • Remember: guilt is not a constructive or useful emotion!

The world needs more examples of how women can be a successful working mother – juggling work life and family life – and doing it their way!

Be the example of a bold woman leader.

Want more tips?

Want more advice on how you can be a Fierce Feminine leader?

Visit my website!


Apr 9, 2016

Your network truly is your network…but too many women aren’t networking strategically. In this episode, Eleanor Beaton shares the 3 types of people every women leader needs in her network.

Apr 9, 2016

While women make up half the workforce and are starting businesses faster than ever, too few of us make it to senior leadership roles in big business. In today’s episode Catalyst CEO Deborah Gillis shares insights from her rise to the top.

Apr 9, 2016

Cancer survivor, mother of three, speaker, internationally recognized entrepreneur Kelsey Ramsden shares the incredible story of how she built an 8-figure business in a male dominated industry AND how we faced the biggest fight of her life.

Apr 9, 2016

Powerful women leaders understand that the single most important thing they can do to up level their careers, businesses and lives is to focus on getting RESULTS. In this episode, Eleanor Beaton shows you one powerful concept you can use each day to radically improve your RESULTS.

Apr 9, 2016

Internationally-recognized online entrepreneurial expert Ali Brown literally invented the online blueprint for success. Then she listened to her heart and re-focused on supporting high achieving women entrepreneurs. She shares her story with Eleanor in this episode of Fierce Feminine Leadership.

Apr 9, 2016

For women who want to lead in business, building a powerful network isn’t enough. We must learn how to leverage our networks in order to create opportunities, advance our careers and grow our businesses. In this episode Eleanor shares practical tips for monetizing your network.

Apr 9, 2016

Learning how to network with powerful people is critical for women in leadership. In this episode, Eleanor shares a set of simple, powerful tools to help you build a powerful network filled with heavy hitters who will got to bat for you.

Apr 9, 2016

In this episode, powerhouse entrepreneur Sharon Lechter shares her secrets on how she built multiple 8-figure businesses. Sharon Lechter is a CPA, internationally bestselling author and globally recognized entrepreneur. Credited as the genius behind the Rich Dad, Poor Dad brand, Sharon was hand-selected by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to revitalize the iconic personal development brand. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs claim their power through smart planning and financial literacy.

Apr 9, 2016

Women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men. Our incomes are set to hit $80 trillion by 2018. And we control 80% of consumer spending. But when it comes to stepping into our power and taking our seats at the tables where the big decisions get made, there’s lots more work to do. In this episode, women’s leadership expert Eleanor Beaton shares the WHY behind Fierce Feminine Leadership.

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